Banhoek Chilli Oil
Taste Kitchen

Come and experience Banhoek Chilli Oil with all your favourite dishes.


Expanding our factory into the Taste Kitchen was the next big step.
As a result you get to taste and experience Banhoek Chilli Oil in all elements.

Here you can experience Banhoek Chilli Oil as we explore, create and taste the endless creations in the Taste kitchen. This is where our menu items are beautifully paired with dishes that compliment our Banhoek chilli oil.

Banhoek Conservancy permits are available for you. This allows you access to over 150km single tracks for mountain biking, hiking and trail running. These beautiful tracks stretch over more than 36 farms from the top of Helshoogte pass, around Simonsberg, all the way to Plaisir De Merle.
While you and the family enjoy your rest and refreshments back from your adventure, our kids’ play area will keep your little ones busy for hours.


Taste Kitchen

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