Delicious Warm Seared Salmon Salad

A Warm Salad of Seared Salmon, Garden Greens, Apple, Capers, Olive, Banhoek Chilli Oil.

Serves 4 

This is a simple one pan wonder, a super starter or summery main course. Rich salmon, fresh greens, crisp apple salty olives and capers and the perfect bite of Banhoek Chilli Oil


600g fresh salmon, boned and skinned
400g washed garden greens (Our greens included, kale, spinach, young broccoli and turnip tops)
10 olives, pipped and halved
2 table spoons of Caper Berries
1 apple thinly shaved
1 lemon
100ml Banhoek Chilli Oil


Heat a large pan with a lid over moderate heat, add the olive oil

Season the salmon and place in the pan, flesh side down, brown lightly for a minute and turn over. 

Add the greens to the same pan, cover the pan and steam, switch the heat off after 2 minutes and leave the fish to rest in the pan for another minute. 

Finish the greens with seasoning and a generous squeeze of lemon. 

Present the greens on a platter, flake the salmon over in generous chunks, garnish with olives, capers, apple and finish with Banhoek Chilli Oil 

There you have it! A delicious seared salmon salad with an extra bite of spice!


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