12 Ways Banhoek Chilli Oil can benefit you

Our Banhoek Chilli Oil is not only extremely flavourful, but it also has a ton of benefits to help you stay healthier.

Below we have compiled a list of ways that our chilli oil can help you stay stronger and younger throughout your life.

Besides using high-quality canola oil, we use locally grown chilli peppers. By doing so, we can track the whole process from start to finish. Our chillies help with cognitive, heart and cholesterol issues.

But, that’s not all, we found a total of 12 ways that our chillies can help you!


12 ways chilli oil can help you;

  1. Chillies help with cognitive issues by allowing the right amount of oxygen and iron to enter the body and correctly direct them to your extremities. By doing so, if you add more chilli in your diet, you are more likely to not develop mental diseases such as dementia in your old age.
  2. By giving the body iron, chillies help reduce diseases such as Anemia because of its high percentage of folic acid. The acid itself helps with fast cell growth especially if you are pregnant.
  3. Chillies help with reducing heart diseases because it contains a high level of potassium. The elements itself help with easy blood flow throughout your body. So each time you consume chillies, the heat rush sensation you feel is your airways receiving oxygen.
    • Chilli peppers are also high in Niacin which helps reduce your cholesterol and reduced clogged that lead to diabetes.
  4. Chillies are often used as a natural pain reliever. Instead of putting load of chemicals in your body, just eat chillies, it contains capsaicin –  an element uses to relieve pain.
  5. Chillies can help get rid of your stuffy nose. During flu season, chillies are your best friend! Chillies contain capsaicin which has an element that helps get rid of infections and reduce constriction in the respiratory systems.
  6. Chillies help keep your food fresher for longer, while killing bacteria that causes you to get sick.
  7. Red chillies can help boost your immune system. The red is an indicator of high vitamin A and C. Let’s not forget that those vitamins help keeps your lungs, intestine and urinary tract healthy. Especially when it comes to Vitamin A, it acts as your white blood platelets and helps keep infections away.
  8. Do you know the myth, carrots help your eyesight? Well I bet you didn’t know that Chillies do the same thing too. Chillies contain Vitamin A which help improve your eye quality and prevent blindness.
  9. Chillies also help kill cancer cells and prevent tumour growth.
  10. Do you have a stomach ulcer? Well eating chillies can help prevent the spread and continuous progress of stomach ulcers by killing the bacteria that are bad for your stomach walls and lining.
  11. Eating chillies can help you stay skinnier than ever. Are you struggling to lose weight? Well adding chillies to your diet will help keep your weight down. Chillies help reduce the need to eat but increase your metabolism for when you do get hungry.
  12. Overall, eating chillies help you live longer and look younger if consumed on a regular basis.Did we miss anything? Comment down below to let us know how else adding more chillies to your diet can benefit you!